Guest Information

Welcome to The Hideaway

We’ve compiled some helpful information for guests of The Hideaway, to help you source local accommodation and transport providers, and inform you about our venue.


Venue Access:
1 Twin Peaks Drive, Beerwah

*Please note our main address is 1233 Steve Irwin Way, however you will need to access the venue via our side gate on Twin Peaks Drive on wedding day.

Gate Opening Time:
Strictly 2:00pm, no earlier

Venue Closing Times:

Bar Closed 9:30 pm
Gates Shut 10:00 pm

Bar Closed 10:30 pm
Gates Shut 11:00 pm


If you don’t already have your own transport arranged, we highly recommend pre-booking and pre-paying for a lift for the end of the night, as taxi services are limited in the area.
Below are three local transport providers that you can pre-book with:

The Orange Yak – 0429 939 959
Joann Thompson – 0414 525 547
Les Johnson – 0401 357 331

Please note that Suncoast Cabs have been known to still cancel pre-paid bookings, so only book them if they can guarantee a pick-up.


Below are some local accommodation options for you to consider. Don’t forget to book direct to get the best rates.

Glasshouse Mountains Eco Lodge 6.4km from Hideaway Weddings. This is a very quirky, more luxurious accommodation option. Generally a two night minimum on weekends.

Beerwah Motor Lodge5.8km from Hideaway Weddings. Neat and tidy accommodation in a convenient location off Steve Irwin Way.

Landsborough Pines7.5kms from Hideaway Weddings. A holiday park that offers cabins and villas, as well as camping sites.