Bonita & Ben

30 • 09 • 2021

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Ada’s Tales

Kay Franks Celebrant

Hair & Makeup
Cactus Hair, Morayfield

Wild Rose Floral Co

Deelish Cake Creations


How and when did the two of you meet?

We met on an online dating site. Ben asked me on a date and I said I’d be happy to meet but I wasn’t interested in dating at the time… then we got along so well, I fell head over heels for him and here we are!

Tell us all about your proposal story:

We went out for a little picnic at Ceder Creek. While we were sitting on the rocks, Ben says to me “what’s that over there?”, pointing. When I turned back to him he was half kneeling down with a ring out.

This was all a very nice gesture but he did know I would say yes as we had already discussed marriage 6 months before and had started planning!

What does marriage mean to you?

To commit to someone who shares the same values. To continue to grow and learn with each other through all that life throws at us.

Why did you choose Hideaway Weddings?

All the inclusions looked too amazing to pass. I am all for simplicity and less stress, and The Hideaway provided this. The venue is beautiful and in a perfect location.

Describe your theme for the day and the inspiration behind it:

We aimed for simplicity. Our theme colour was burgundy. A little bit rustic with soft colours and greenery.


What were the highlights of your day for you? (Ben)

I was so nervous standing at the alter. I felt hot and like I was about to hyperventilate. My groomsmen were so nervous that watching them calmed me. When Bonita walked out and I saw her, I felt the tension leave my shoulders, the heat left me, my breathing slowed, and I truly felt happy. 

What were the highlights of your day for you? (Bonita)

My biggest highlight was just before my bridesmaids started walking out; I felt calm and relaxed, like everything was just right, and the following thought that went through my mind was “I am about to marry a man I really love”. It was perfect! One of the staff then commented on how calm or relaxed I looked, like it wasn’t normal!

The second highlight was probably when the groomsmen dropped the ring into the drain! (Staff were very quick to retrieve it!)

Any tips or words of wisdom to offer other couples?

Enjoy the day! Let the staff take care of everything else! They really are amazing at making the day go smoothly.

Did you enjoy a honeymoon? If so, how and why did you choose your destination?

Yes! We took a flight up to Cairns and stayed at Port Douglas for a week. I am a lover of nature, waterfalls and beautiful scenery (Ben indulges me, but he loves it too!). It was a wonderful escape and just what we needed after such a busy time.

If the pandemic wasn’t a thing, we definitely would have taken a long cruise around somewhere!

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