Charlotte & Dylan

09 • 09 • 2020

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Allstar DJ’s

How and when did the two of you meet?

Its a bit of a story so I wrote a poem to describe our love story!

Although they went to school together,
They did not have a clue,
That one day they would fall in love
Then get a house and married too!

A date they actually went on,
Not a very good one at that,
Then Dylan ended up ghosting her,
Then met up again through Jono and Matt!

Charlotte wasn’t very impressed,
To see his face again,
But Dylan started admiring her,
And eventually she gave in..

Escaped the friend zone he did!
Finally after all his charming,
But of course she was travelling soon
3 months was a bit alarming

But that seemed to fly by,
And she was back from over seas,
He picked her up from the airport,
And asked ‘Will you be my girlfriend please?’

He moved in pretty much straight away too!
To that little flat on Beerwah street,
Then finally 4 years later,
They bought their own home, Oh how sweet!

The couple then became 3,
With the furry Bernadette,
With travels in between,
And questions ‘Why aren’t we married yet?’

5 years later now!
Dylan got down on one knee,
With Bernie in the cone of shame,
He asked ‘will you marry me?’

So here we are at last!
Because of course Charlotte said yes!
Who would have known this is how it went,
That’s just how love works I guess!

(Bernadette, Bernie for short is our Great Dane cross)

Proposal Story

Dylan suggested we go to Point Cartwright for a sunset picnic, and to bring Bernie (our giant puppy who had just been at the vet after a Kangaroo attack 2 days prior) with us. I [Charlotte] worried about Bernie’s injury and called the vet asking if that was okay, and then confirmed the afternoon plans and off we went. We set up the picnic and then Dylan said that he left his phone in the car, and he Insisted on taking Bernie with him to get it because she hadn’t been out of the house for a while. Upon returning, Bernie had a sign around her neck that read “Mum, will you marry Dad?”. Dylan got down on one knee and popped the question, to which I replied with YES!

He then told me to turn around, as he had organised a professional photographer to be there to capture the moment and get some engagement photos of as well!


What does marriage mean to you?

Marriage is bringing the love of two people together, declaring that love in front of the ones closest to them, and then celebrating that love. It’s being committed to learning, growing, loving, supporting and balancing each other out through all the highs and lows of life.

Why did you choose The Hideaway?

Hideaway Weddings was actually the only venue we looked at. We had other options but only went to see the one. Everything about it felt right to us. It was close to home, their grounds were stunning with plenty of options and photo opportunities, the package deal was amazing value, everything was organised for us except for suppliers and wedding favours, and that to us felt like it was going to help the day flow so much easier.

The staff were also an amazing part, everything fell in to place so beautifully on our day. Our choice to choose the Hideaway felt even more right with everything that unfolded this year. They were 100% supportive through everything and did their best to always think of us and put us first. They truly go above and beyond for their couples and we wouldn’t have wanted to get married anywhere else.

Describe your theme for the day

We loved the greenery and rainforest feel at our chosen ceremony location, the Orchid Deck, and we chose rustic decor that suited that style. We love nature and the hinterland, so this suited us so well! My wedding dress also had gold in it, so we loved all the gold decor choices.

Did you incorporate any traditions or perhaps do something a little different?

We chose not to have a bridal party, which was amazing because it was all about Dylan and I, and we were able to just focus on us. We also have so many beautiful friends and didn’t want to feel like we had to choose between them. It worked out well because it was also one less thing to worry about!

Tips or words of wisdom for future brides/grooms-to-be

Let it all flow. Let go of what you can’t control, and on the day, remember to slow down and be present. Not everything will be perfect, not everything will go to plan, but just embrace it because you will honestly be in such awe, and filled with so much love on the day that nothing else will matter. It’s all about you and the one you are marrying, and being surrounded by your loved ones who are there to celebrate your love.

Charlotte’s highlight of the day

Honestly, the whole lot! Finally having our big day, after being postponed due to the pandemic. We did get legally married on our original date, but it was amazing to feel the full wedding experience!

I loved hearing Dylan’s vows, I had been waiting to hear them for so long. I also loved the moments where it was just Dylan and I, where we could be present with each other and feel so much love and gratitude for our day, while knowing our loved ones were having fun and forgetting about what was happening in the world. Just the whole feel of the day was incredible. Going off site for photos was also a highlight – that was a lot of fun! We always have so much fun together, and I love that I don’t think I stopped smiling, laughing or happy crying the whole day. Everything just ended up flowing so beautifully. I’m so thankful for it all!

Dylan’s highlight of the day

I’m not sure if I can pick one highlight!
Seeing Charlotte walking towards me in her dress; she looked awesome and very beautiful, as always.

One of the best things was probably that through everything that was happening in the world, we were finally able to have a day away from it to just focus on us, and celebrate the love between us with the loved ones that were able to make it. The whole lot was pretty fantastic.

Charlotte and I also loved all the entertainment provided. The photo booth was a hit, and the games that were organised and surprise sparklers during our first dance were beyond great – they made the night!

Did you enjoy a honeymoon? If so, how and why did you choose your destination?

We did! Our chosen honeymoon location was actually the Cook Islands, but unfortunately due to travel restrictions we were unable to go on that trip. Thankfully we had flight credits that allowed us to fly to Cairns, and we stayed at Port Douglas for 4 nights. We had perfect weather, and it only rained once when we planned to go to the Daintree Rainforest, which was the perfect time to be walking through a rainforest. We also decided to do the Skyrail in Cairns on the Saturday, and we found out it happened to only be open on weekends, so we fluked that too! It turned out to be a pretty wonderful time away, and we’re looking forward to being able to head over to the Cook Islands when travel restrictions are lifted.

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