Jamie & Kirk

19 • 05 • 2022

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How and when did the two of you meet?

We met on a dating website, it was my (Jamie) first time on one and I met Kirk pretty quickly. We met up in person after a week of talking.

Tell us all about your proposal story:

It was Kirks birthday, and we took one of our dogs to a beach for a picnic. I was in a grumpy mood because we couldn’t afford to do anything nicer.
I remember commenting that my brother had proposed to his girlfriend at this exact spot our picnic was set up. I didn’t mean anything by it, but it freaked Kirk out a bit thinking I knew (which I honestly had no idea).
I couldn’t find my phone and started trying to rifle through Kirk’s pockets, getting frustrated when he pushed me away (still no idea).
I was sitting on our picnic rug, making lunch with a roast chicken between my legs and he walked up, dropped to a knee and asked me to marry him.
I was so completely blind sided and definitely not how I expected it to happen, but it was perfect. Very ‘us’.

What does marriage mean to you?

It’s a promise and a commitment. To us, it was acknowledging before our family, friends and God that we want to do life together. We’re ready to start a family, that we trust eachother enough to want to do it together and promise to keep doing life together no matter what.

Why did you choose Hideaway Weddings?

We were recommend through a friend of a friend and found it to be such an easy, stressfree option.
Being able to have both ceremony and reception I’m one place was amazing. We loved having such an easy way to choose styling and decor.
Living interstate, we found having everything we needed all in one place was best way to do it and Hideaway was amazing for that.


Describe your theme for the day and the inspiration behind it:

I’d say rustic and moody. We had raw wood and dark flowers.
I think I got the inspiration from Hideaway itself. In looking at photos, the set ups were just amazing and I fell in love.

What were the highlights of your day for you? (Jamie)

I loved having my nan and pa come and see me just before I walked down the aisle, that was really special.
I think my absolute favourite part of the day was how relaxed I felt. I thought I’d be nervous and stressed, but I knew all of logistics were being handled and I was just ready to be married.

What were the highlights of your day for you? (Kirk)

The food. Yep, pretty sure that was the most exciting. Also having so many friends and family there, that we haven’t seen in years. I also want to mention how great the Hideaway staff were to all our guests. They made everything run smoothly. 

Any tips or words of wisdom to offer other couples?

Make it fun and relax, we laughed all the way through our ceremony and it took all the pressure off it.

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