Loren & Liam

13 • 03 • 2021

Suppliers on the Day

Wedding Venue
The Hideaway

Faint Artistry

Michael Howell Celebrant

Flower Darling Floral Design

Hair & Makeup
Emilia-Maria Makeup

Bride’s Dress
Miles Gown by Madi Lane Bridal
(Boutique: Luv Bridal)

Bride’s Shoes

Bridesmaids Dresses

Groom & Groomsmen Attire
MJ Bale (jacket) / Peter Jackson (shirts) /
RM Williams (pants, belts, shoes) / Peggy & Finn (bowties)

AG Designer Jeweller

Hideaway Weddings In-House DJ & MC

How and when did the two of you meet?

We met via a setup in July 2019. Good mutual friends of ours decided we would probably get on well and would be well suited, and after waiting for us to naturally connect, they eventually decided to take matters into their own hands. One of them sent Loren a message to ask what type of guy she was into, and the same person asked Liam by going up to him at a gig and saying ‘Hey, do you wanna marry my friend?’. One couple date later we’d definitely clicked, and the rest is history! Funnily enough, after dating we realised how many gigs, events etc. we’d both been at but never crossed paths. There’s even a video of Liam going down a slip-n-slide at a party, with Loren in the background chatting to friends, from over a year before our set up.

Proposal Story

Loren had told Liam that, when he was ready, Loren’s best friend (and MOH) Aurora would have details of rings Loren would and wouldn’t like. Liam was supposed to see Aurora to get this info, and also meet with Loren’s Dad, without Loren finding out… but despite his best efforts Liam came over with the coffee pod machine Loren’s Dad had said he’d get Loren, and on Liam’s kitchen table next time Loren was there were some of Aurora’s handmade ceramics…

On the day – Liam drove Loren out to Moogerah Dam in SEQ, where his best man Ben had set up a picnic with a bouquet of flowers and fairy lights… However, when Liam had planned it out, he dropped a pin in a map and told Ben ‘set up there’. As Loren and Liam drove down the road to the picnic (Loren suspicious but not certain what’s happening), there are multiple ‘Private Property’ and ‘Keep Out’ signs. Loren kept saying “We’ll get in trouble let’s just go to the public side of the dam” and Liam goes “Nope, it’s fine, let’s keep going”. Liam parks and we walked down the paddock to find the picnic, and sit down. After a few minutes, Loren’s still worried about a farmer coming and yelling at us for trespassing, so Liam says “Wanna go to the public side?”. Loren says yes and gets up to pick up fairy lights to pack up – but when she turns around there’s Liam on one knee, biggest smile on his face, asking “Will you be my wife?'”

After our beautiful moment, best man Ben runs over to let us know he cleared it with the property owner and so we got to enjoy a picnic and sunset on our own quiet patch of the dam. Beautiful!

What does marriage mean to you?

For us, a big part of our idea of marriage comes from our faith (Christian). For us it’s an image of love where the goal for both of us is to love the other person before ourselves, to put the other person first and want them to feel encouraged, supported, championed etc. And when both our hearts are this, then neither feels left out. We wanted to have a ceremony and reception that reflected this love and the impact it’s had on us, so it included a preacher for a short sermon, some church songs, some bible readings, and had Loren’s dad pray over us as a couple before being announced as Mr and Mrs.

Why did you choose The Hideaway?

We knew we wanted a venue that was all-inclusive. Somewhere that could help us with design and decor, set up and pack down, and take all the headache and stress away from us and our dear family and friends on the day. Hideaway Weddings is the only venue we toured – we were sold! So beautiful, so many options to customise your day, so many opportunities to save by including Hideaway’s decor, and artificial florals and greenery that you honestly cannot tell aren’t real in photos. We felt seen and supported the whole way, including after our big day!

Describe your theme for the day

We never really named a theme for our day in all our planning! But we wanted something that felt classic but relaxed, earthy, and fun! We went with rust oranges, deep greens and other natural colours, simple greenery on tables, and a bangin’ playlist. We wanted a space where others could feel comfortable to relax and celebrate our love with us. 

Did you incorporate any traditions or perhaps do something a little different?

Just some small differences – the groom wore a green velvet cordouroy jacket, and the bride wore green velvety shoes to match!

Also instead of a guest book we had A5 size cards with prompts (i.e. date idea, funny story, wisdom) and a spot for a polaroid of the guest/s who wrote on it.

Loren’s highlight of the day

I loved how it all came together for that moment of seeing Liam at the end of the aisle waiting for me while I was hidden inside,  and taking in what’s about to come – the aisle, ceremony, photos, reception – but also the lifetime of togetherness and adventure. It was such a special moment. I also loved all the hugs and celebration with friends and family, and the speeches! Hearing your nearest and dearest share their stories and hearing our guests all laughing and clapping along was so great. Another favourite moment was our time alone getting offsite portraits – being able to relax, and just be all loved up and have fun without everyone’s eyes on us was really special.

Liam’s highlight of the day

Before I speak about my highlights concerning my bride Loren, I loved that the day ran so smoothly and that all our friends and family were able to celebrate so freely! It really made the day feel all the more relaxed and easy to enjoy!
Now, for the highlights concerning my bride. I loved the moment of seeing her at the top of the aisle with her father. I of course loved our first kiss as a married couple in front of those most important to us. Being able to get away offsite for some photos and moments by ourselves was really special. I really enjoyed eating our first meal together and looking out at the tables filled with our loved ones. But most of all I think my biggest highlight of the day was our first dance together, it felt like a capstone to a whirlwind day and it felt as if the world had paused for a moment as I shared a dance with my dearest love.

Tips or words of wisdom for future brides/grooms-to-be

Breathe! Best advice Loren got that helped in all the planning was a bit of a reality check – while you will remember all your special songs (signing table, reception entry, first dance etc.) and stationery designs, no one else will. Pick what makes you happy but don’t over think it! People will remember the mood of the day overall – deep love / big party etc.

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