Megan & Micah

05 • 03 • 2022

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How and when did the two of you meet?

Micah and myself realised we actually went to kindergarten together. We then came across each other again in a game of Oztag many years later. I went to score a try, and he stopped me from scoring by treading on my finger. The rest is history!

Tell us all about your proposal story:

Micah proposed to me at the top of Banff in Canada. It was a freezing cold -28 degree day, and I was all warm sitting inside with the best cup of hot chocolate, but Micah was determined to make me walk to the top of the mountain so he could propose.

What does marriage mean to you?

Marriage means so much to us. It’s about honesty, trust, fun and building a future with someone you couldn’t live without.

Why did you choose Hideaway Weddings?

We chose The Hideaway because it was just stunning. There’s plenty of space, and it made us feel at home.

Describe your theme for the day and the inspiration behind it:

We aimed for simplicity. Our theme colour was burgundy. A little bit rustic with soft colours and greenery.


Describe your theme for the day

We went with a burgundy theme, using The Hideaway’s ‘moody’ floral collection, as we knew it would tie in nicely with the venue’s surrounding rainforest and greenery.

Did you incorporate any traditions or perhaps do something a little different?

Micah and myself enjoyed shaking things up, so before we shared our first kiss we did our secret handshake.

Megan’s highlight of the day:

My highlight was how amazing everything went overall, and just how beautiful everything looked. I also loved our bridal entrance, it was so much fun!

Micah’s highlight of the day

Watching my bride walk down the aisle to me.

Any tips or words of wisdom?

It’s true what they say: Enjoy every moment, as the day passes by so quickly!

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